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Third Person Bio:

Mind Marvels was created by Karen Gibb in response to ever-increasing emotional wellbeing issues to provide practical strategies and calming tools for children. Sessions were increasingly in demand and Karen then set up her wellbeing franchise to support even more children; the Mind Marvels Franchise. As an experienced teacher and an anxious person herself, she now makes a direct, positive impact on young people and their emotional wellbeing through school and nursery sessions.

First Person Bio:

I created Mind Marvels to help address the growing emotional issues among children. I wanted to create sessions that would be fun and engaging, while also helping children to learn about and manage their wellbeing. Luckily, Mind Marvels has been successful in doing just that!

We provide children with practical strategies and calming tools to improve their wellbeing and help regulate their own emotions. This helps them to feel more in control, cope with difficult situations and manage their feelings better. As a result, they are better able to concentrate at school, find enjoyment in life and form healthier relationships.

As someone who was once an anxious youngster and a former teacher, I know how important this is and how much it is needed. Thanks to the incredible demand for our sessions and the positive feedback we’ve received, I have now set up my own wellbeing franchise to reach even more children; the Mind Marvels Franchise. We are dedicated to helping children feel happy, confident and supported in themselves. We believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to thrive in life.

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